Emergency Cases

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Maternal and child health is the indicator of nation’s health. A good paediatrician helps shape a healthy future of the country.Our department of paediatrics is headed by Dr. Rajat Goswami who is post graduate of Kalawati Hospital. Newborn care and vaccination are given in an integrated manner in our hospital. Adarsh is instrumental in providing integrated management of Infant and child illnesses. Adarsh assures the best quality vaccination by maintaining a perfect cold chain in expert hands.

Services like nebulization, growth monitoring and assessment, immunization, adolescent nutrition and health couselling services are also available.

The diseases like sore throat, diarrhoea, dysentery, cough, corrhyza, running nose, seasonal fever, flu, deficiency diseases, anemia, weakness, food fads etc are treated well in our hospital.

The team of paediatricians are well versed in handling all paediatric emergenciess.