Emergency Cases

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Our department of internal medicine is headed by a prestigious physician Dr.Dheeraj Kumar Singh who is whole heartedly devoted to his profession. Medicine is not his profession but his passion for life. The department of medicine in Adarsh is equipped with world class ICU/HDU facilities for managing critically ill patients. The nursing staff at Adarsh follows the doctor’s instructions meticulously and makes sure that the patient is taken care of well. The diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension ( High BP), Thyroid illnesses, Dengue ,Chikungunya, Typhoid/Enteric fever, Fever of unknown origin (PUO), urine infection, acidity, obesity, seasonal infections, are taken care of well at Adarsh by expert team of MD physicians.

Besides these routine OPD problems our department of medicine is also well versed with handling emergencies like poisoning, heart attacks (Myocardial infarction), arrythmias, CAD, angina and other emergencies.